Support and counselling

Heythrop’s Student Support department is dedicated to your welfare as a student. Should you have problems with health, finance, academics, mitigating circumstances, dyslexia, mental health, or any other difficult circumstance during the course of your degree, they are there to support you and get you the help you need.

  • Dominic McLoughlin is the Student Support Manager and is avaliable for consultation on any matter or concern you might have.  Office hours in 2017/18 are full-time weekdays until 31 October 2017; from 01 November Mondays, Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays.
  • Srs. Joan and Elizabeth are our college chaplains and can be found on site in the main college building. They offer a range of support for Heythrop students.
  • Heythrop has a counsellor on site on Tuesday from 9:30am-1:30pm. You can arrange an appointment by e-mailing
  • There is a dedicated Student Support forum on Helios. Should there be extenuating circumstances that affect your ability to complete an assessment, you can apply for an extension, a deferral, or mitigating circumstances – guidelines on what this means and when you should apply can be found here. The guidelines for completing a mitigating circumstances application can be found here or in Appendix F of the academic regulations.
  • The Counselling Directory is a confidential service that encourages those in distress to seek help. The directory contains information on many different types of distress (encompassing mental and physical health), as well as articles, news, and events. To ensure the professionalism of our website, all counsellors have provided us with qualifications and insurance cover or proof of membership with a professional body.