The Basement

Junior Common Room (JCR) 

This is your student space, an nice area to kick back, have a spot of lunch, or socialise with friends.  We’ve refurbished and upgraded a lot of the older equipment and furniture in here, so please feel free to make full use of it in your time here at Heythrop.

Reading Room

Need a quiet space to study but the libraries are just a bit too cramped and crowded? Feel free to make use of the Reading Room, a more chilled out area to focus with an atmosphere that’s entirely up to you. This room holds a small collection of classic books, as well as some comfortable seating and a workspace. Some society meetings may also use this space throughout the year.

The Lighthouse

All the computers of the IT suite with less natural sunlight and a weird seating colour arrangement. Do some work or watch some Netflix, we won’t judge you (much).

HSU Advice Centre

A room of curiosity, containing such bizarre objects such as pokemon cards, a disco ball and meaningless certificates. It may or may not also contain a few important members of the union (hint: it does), so if you have any queries or concerns then this is generally where you want to be. If you arrange a meeting with the Co-Presidents, then it’ll likely be here.It’s open as long as the college is open so if the I.T suite or library is closed, then come here.

Muslim Prayer Room

If the college is open, then the prayer room is open. The suggested space for fulfilling your religious obligations.


Spaces to stash away your secret diary amongst overdue library books and folders. We have a variety of sizes and £10 will get you one for the whole academic year (September to August). Pop in to the HSU office for more details or email

Sports Equipment Cupboard

Did you know that the Union has a sports cupboard? Just opposite the ladies toilet in the basement you can find a whole host of sporting equipment which you are welcome to use whenever you like! Equipment includes basketballs, badminton nets, rackets and shuttlecocks, tennis rackets and balls, footballs, goalposts, a range of cricket equipment, hockey sticks and balls, rugby balls, pumps for the balls and a range of garden games. Please use this equipment as much as you like!