Summer Update – Qu’est-ce que tu fais pendant les vacances?


Well, would you look at that, the Heythrop website finally has a blog feature on it! How exciting. I suppose this gives me the opportunity to talk to you guys and maybe even get some people to read things since it’s all fancy and new. Well, I won’t get my hopes up to much. Even with a full cohort of students I very much doubt many people read up on whatever union activities were going on and now we’re hardly anywhere near our regular numbers.

Let’s not kid ourselves, trying to work out what a union’s meant to do when there’s so few students is a pretty huge difficulty. That’s why none of us here at the HSU can afford to rest on our laurels, even during the summer holidays. Here, myself, Maawia and Matt have been all around London and even across the country on our path to making your year a success.

As per my manifesto, we’ve been going round talking to other small and specialist colleges across the University of London looking for possible places of contact in the new year. So far, we’ve been in touch with the Royal College of Arts, Central School of Speech and Drama, Guildhall School of Music & Drama and the Courtauld Institute of Art[1]. Of course, we also have a huge cohort of Imperial students in the Alban Halls, and our regular termly instalment of Fordham students. On top of all that, we’re also looking to build upon our relationship with our neighbours in Richmond University. That’s a long list, but what does it mean for you, our beloved Heythrop student?

Primarily, bigger event attendance! No more dancing around awkwardly in Blag Club with three other students, this year we hope to have our numbers at events supported by students from around other colleges to detract from that feeling of isolation. It takes two to tango, after all. The breadth of activities we can run at Heythrop could be significantly expanded, with talks of a cross university five-a-side football league and opportunities for cross-discipline talks and debates among lecturers or students. It’s my hope that societies will also take the opportunity to make links with their equivalents amongst our new friends, spreading their own reach across London.

All of this is alongside your standard Heyfest planning and Common Room redecorating. Students should be receiving the Heyfest booklet in a few weeks, so I’ll try not spoil all the surprises. I will say that we’ve spread this year’s Heyfest so that there’s a day’s breaks between most events, but now spans over two weeks! I can’t wait for you all to see what we’ve got lined up events wise and facilities wise. You can expect another update on the HSU basement area once we have everything how we envisaged it.

That’s all for now. I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer, and best of luck to everyone taking resits this week! Remember, the HSU advice centre is open every day from 10-5 (apart from lunch) so feel free to drop by or send an email for basically whatever reason! Otherwise, I’ll be seeing you in September!

[1] Now, you might be wondering, “why so many art related colleges”? That’s mainly because small and specialist colleges tend to be related to those fields. The government seems to actually have a fund for art-related colleges, while leaving the Philosophy and Theology ones to fend for themselves. All things considered, it’s a miracle that Heythrop exists at all.